What our students say...
Amazing! Thank you so much...your feedback makes a big difference. When I sing now I use the tools you've given me without thinking and I can see and feel  the improvement. I've definitely gained confidence, which I started to lack way before I started. Thank you again so much!
I surprised myself by how much I improved in just 10 days. I could tell the difference by looking at my video. Krystal's feedback was so good... I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn!"
- Solera Abramov, Thailand.
I found my vocal position has moved after I applied the new skills! This is amazing! I can feel my singing  is more easy to control, I can sing longer with a more stable voice! Thank you so much Krystal Diaz. I LOVE your teaching!
- Chloe Wong, Hong Kong.
After listening to Part 3 & 4 of the Easy Vocal Technique Formula Training, plus the advices from our amazing coaches...it just makes sense! Though I still need some polishing I'm just thankful to our coaches! 
- Raniel Sitjar, Sydney, Australia.

Andrew Chan
Professional Actor, Presenter & Singer

Kelly Lee
Entrepreneur, Aspiring Vocal Artist

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