Will Singers Connect Work For You?

Listen to the stories from those who participated in the recent bonus coaching sessions with Krystal.

Discover the voice-changing insights they got from spending just a few minutes practicing our unique approach. 

Just imagine the transformation that could happen if you spent a year with us!

Are you afraid to sing in front of others?

"There's always, always fear" - Kayla

If singing in front of others brings up fear and you're ready to finally overcome it, then you'll LOVE watching Kayla's session.

Worried you're singing the wrong way?

"Every weekend I would lose my voice after singing at service." - Blessing

If you feel like you're pushing your voice to sing with power and it results in strain or loss of voice, then watch Blessing's session for insight.

Want to find your own true voice?

"I want to find my own true voice so that it's recognisable and it's not....doing an impression of somebody else." - Tenelle

If you tend to copy or mimic other singers but have NO IDEA how to develop the confidence in YOUR true voice, then watch Tenelle's coaching session for inspiration!

Want to sing Expressively without force?

"If I want to sing with more intense dynamics...how do I support that feeling without it being forced?" - Lydia

Lydia is a classical violinist who is just starting her singing journey. If you never thought of yourself as a "singer", and you really want to develop the skills to express yourself without causing strain or damage to your voice, then watch Lydia's session for insight!

worried you're someone who "can't Sing?"

"I'm probably doing the wrong things and trying to fix my own voice." - Pam

If you're starting your singing journey a little later in life, and you find yourself feeling lost or confused about vocal technique (and suspect you might be doing it wrong), you will totally relate to Pam and will love watching this session.

Want to sound Good Singing but not sure where to start?

"I don't know what sounds good in my voice or how loud I should be singing..." - Otto

If you feel like your voice needs to sound a certain way in order to sound "good" or you don't even know where to start focusing your practices so that you can sound the way you want to, then you'll love watching Otto's session. 

These discoveries were made after just a few minutes working with me for the very first time. 

Start your training with me today and you'll be blown away by the discoveries and progress you'll be making after just a few weeks!