3 Secrets to Finding Your Singing Voice for Popular Music

Our unique process for helping singers (from beginners to pros) find their voice...REVEALED!


  • You sing better in a group but feel really uncomfortable singing solo.

  • ​You hold your voice back because of a negative singing experience that you had in your past.

  • ​You love to sing but don't tell anyone about it because you don't think you're good enough and don't want to be put on the spot.

  • ​You feel your voice is limited or restricted in some way and you're looking to find and liberate your TRUE voice.


SECRET #1: What's REALLY getting in the way of your ability to find your true voice.

(HINT: It's NOT lack of talent or lack of practice.)

SECRET #2: The ONE thing you should be doing regularly to cultivate your true voice and keep it in top condition.

(And it's not singing songs over and over again until you're sick of them!)

SECRET #3: Four things you need to incorporate into your practices to develop great personal style.

(Hint: It doesn't involve playing instruments, reading music, passing singing exams or getting formal training.)

Are You In?


Hi, my name is Krystal Diaz. 

My journey began at the age of 8 years old when I started singing for TV commercials. I've performed on stages both big and small and was signed by a record company to release my debut album in 2019. 

But I'll be honest with you...

Singing never came easy for me. I completely understand what it feels like to struggle with notes, to feel like you aren't gifted and that your voice isn't good enough to be heard.
I want to share my 3 secrets framework that forever changed my voice AND my life.
If you're ready to start singing with greater confidence, skill, style and most of all JOY then I invite you to start your singing journey with me!


This class is taught by Krystal Diaz, co-founder of the Online Vocal Academy

Amazing! Thank you so much...your feedback makes a big difference. When I sing now I use the tools you've given me without thinking and I can see and feel  the improvement. I've definitely gained confidence, which I started to lack way before I started. Thank you again so much!
I surprised myself by how much I improved! Krystal's feedback was so good... I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn!"
- Solera Abramov, Thailand.
This is amazing! I can feel my singing  is more easy to control, I can sing longer with a more stable voice! Thank you so much Krystal Diaz. I LOVE your teaching!
- Chloe Wong, Hong Kong.
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