So you know when you're singing...

...and all of a sudden your voice cracks and switches from one type of sound to another?

Or when you're singing a challenging part of a song and you wonder "which voice" you should be using? 

If you've experienced this, then you have a "vocal flip" and yes, it's flippin' annoying,  especially  when it happens right at the most emotional parts of a song!

But you can fix this!

I've created a 7-step system for fixing that vocal flip and stabilising your voice so that you can start singing noticeably better as soon as 10 days after you start the workshop!

And while we're at it...

How about we eliminate vocal strain too? 

When you start applying my 7-step system, not only will you be fixing that vocal flip, but you'll also be eliminating vocal strain! 

You'll be singing so differently that even your family and friends will notice and ask, "Hey, have you been taking lessons???"

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Step 1 includes three video lessons, a comprehensive action plan, plus a vocal routine that'll help you apply what you've learnt!

Hi, I'm Krystal

I'm a singer and vocal coach with 30+ years of professional experience in the music industry, who completely understands what it feels like to sing with that annoying vocal flip!  

It took me a long time to finally eliminate it, and when I did, THAT'S when singing became REALLY fun and free!

After 13 years of coaching others to eliminate their vocal struggles, I figured out the short cuts and created a 7-step system called "The Vocal Flip Fix". 

I truly believe that if you can speak, you can sing.  My goal is to help you go from feeling confused & insecure about your voice, to becoming the confident singer you've always wanted to be!  Sign up now and take the first step in your singing journey with me today!