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"An athlete doesn't become a champion on her own. She surrounds herself with the right mentors, coaches and team mates who see her greatness and know how to help her realise it. 
It's the same for singing.
The only way to truly become the singer you've always wanted to be is to assemble your own VOCAL POWER TEAM of professionals who can guide you through ALL aspects of singing, from basic technique, to developing personal style, to recording your first EP, to live performances."
Krystal Diaz, Top Vocal Performance Coach

International Voices Krystal Has Worked With Include:

Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen

Martial Arts Actor

Tang Wei

Award Winning Actress

Bishop Briggs


Joey Yung


Sarah Lee

Champion Cyclist

Connie Talbot


Be the Singer YOu were Born To Be
The Power in Singing Does Not Come from Perfection.
This training isn't like any other vocal program out there because I'm not interested in getting you to have the perfect voice, with perfect technique and flawless execution. 

I want you to use technique as a means to discover the true power in developing and sharing the voice that only YOU have.

You were born with a voice that's unlike anyone else's in this entire world. 

When you share your voice in a way that's sincere, authentic and without inhibition, you connect with others in a way that can move, inspire and provide comfort. 

This is the voice that the world needs and is the kind of POWER I want you to have.
Find Your VOICE, Share Your MUSIC, Live Your ROCKSTAR Life
"Krystal has democratised singing. I love the convenience of this program. I can now have Krystal’s “digital twin” with me wherever I’d like, whenever I’d like. Like most skills in the world, singing improves by practice, lots of practice. Now I can accelerate my skills much faster by practicing at home anytime I’d like, over and over again."
ScarletT C.
"From only singing casually in Karaoke with friends, I now have the confidence to perform regularly in a band thanks to Krystal's unique training program. I am even in the process of professionally recording my own album."
Christine N.
"There is no limit to what you can do with your voice. It takes persistence but most importantly, it takes a good coach to guide you through the process. Krystal's training program aims to have me singing naturally without trying to over control or use tricks."
Alick K.
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