3 Secrets to Singing the Songs You Love 
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5 Action Steps To ROCK Your First (Or Next) Solo Song

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Five powerful action steps (even experienced singers forget to implement) that can dramatically improve the results of your solo songs!

the Online vocal academy

Not Just Online Singing Lessons...

Did someone or some experience make you think you're not a good singer?

Let's bust that limiting belief, shall we?

Our Singers Connect Monthly Membership is a thriving, inspiring international community of singers, vocal coaches and music enthusiasts.

As a Singers Connect member, singing isn't just something you do in the shower -- it becomes a fulfilling, meaningful and inspiring part of your life!
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Whether You Are...

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  • Looking to bring singing back into your life again...
  • ​Wanting to increase your confidence when it comes to singing in front of others...
You're in the right place!

If You Have A Voice, You Can Sing,
And We'll Show You How You Can Do It Well.

Hi, I'm Krystal

In 2002, I quit music.

It wasn't until I had ONE pivotal realisation when my voice transformed and I became a vocal coach, working with hundreds of voices, from total beginners to legendary pop stars.

Although I'd been singing on stage and in recording studios since I was 8 years old, singing did NOT come naturally to me. In fact, it was a painful, frustrating struggle.

I agonised over every missed note or shaky sound and constantly compared myself to other singers.

I didn't trust my voice. 

Until one day I experienced a singular mindset shift. 

That's when EVERYTHING changed.  

I realised that singing wasn't as complicated as I thought and I instantly saw myself in a whole new light.

This mindset shift taught me to believe that if you have a voice, you have the gift of singing.  We struggle only because we get in our own way. 

Once we become aware of this, then learning to sing is simply 
discovering the little shifts we need to make to free our voices so that we can use it the way it was intended.

This was the realisation and mindset shift that inspired me to become a vocal coach. I got my coaching certifications (Speech Level Singing & Institute for Vocal Advancement) and started teaching in 2008.

Since then, I've also performed at some of the most prestigious concert venues in my city and released my debut album in 2019.

If you're curious to see how learning to sing will transform your voice AND your life in the way that it did for me then I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of discovery.

I look forward to sharing EVERYTHING I've learnt (and continue to learn) with you, and help you become the singer you've always wanted to be!


Andrew Chan
Professional Actor, Presenter & Singer

Kelly Lee
Entrepreneur, Aspiring Vocal Artist

Amazing! Thank you so much...your feedback makes a big difference. When I sing now I use the tools you've given me without thinking and I can see and feel the improvement. I've definitely gained confidence, which I started to lack way before I started. Thank you again so much!
Stacey Mumford, UK
"I surprised myself by how much I improved in just 10 days. I could tell the difference by looking at my video. Krystal's feedback was so good... I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn!"
Solera Abramov, thailand
"This is amazing! I can feel my singing is more easy to control, I can sing longer with a more stable voice! Thank you so much! I LOVE your teaching!"
Chloe wong, hk
"After listening to Part 3 & 4 of the Easy Vocal Technique Formula Training, plus the advices from our amazing coaches...it just makes sense! Though I still need some polishing I'm just thankful to our coaches!" 
Raniel, Australia
"I love the convenience of this program. Like most skills in the world, singing improves by practice, lots of practice. Now I can accelerate my skills much faster by practicing at home anytime I’d like, over and over again."
scarlett chen, hk