Here's what I know for sure.

The better you get at singing, the MORE enjoyment you'll get out of it. 

The quickest, BEST way to get better at singing is NOT to study music, or learn to read notes, or even practice for 10,000 hours....

It's actually MUCH simpler and quicker than doing all of that.

Before I tell you what this is, allow me to set the stage by sharing the story that led to this discovery.

Hi, I'm Krystal

I'm committed to making the art of singing approachable and fun, so that even the most self-doubting singer can experience the kind of improvement that'll deepen their enjoyment, confidence and love of singing. 

So, here's the truth...

Singing did NOT come naturally to me. 

In fact, it was a painful, frustrating struggle.

I come from three generations of professional singers and musicians and as soon as I could hold a mic, my parents brought me onto the stage to perform with them.

And boy, did I have A LOT to live up to!

Imagine for a moment being surrounded by people who are SO GOOD at what they do, that you start to become hyper aware of all the ways you aren't as good as they are.

My own perfectionism and self-criticism were debilitating.

I agonised over every missed note or shaky sound and constantly compared myself to other singers.

I did not trust my voice.

I gave up on music and tried my luck in the corporate world.

Flash forward 6 years -- I got my BFA and I'm working full-time as a Marketing Executive, and wondering what the heck I was doing with my life! 
I felt drained, uninspired and uncreative. 

Somewhere deep down, I knew that I had to get back into music.

Just being around music made me feel more like myself.

I started singing again and just let go of the need to be "perfect". 

I didn't even mind when I missed notes anymore -- I was just so glad to be filling my life with music again.

Thanks to my Mom's coaching, encouragement and guidance, I finally discovered what vocal freedom felt like.

It felt easy, natural, resonant and unforced. It was like every part of my voice was working in absolute harmony.  

This is what Vocal Alignment is. 

Discovering Alignment

Effortless singing takes effort.
But it's not the type of effort you might be thinking.

Once I felt and heard my voice fall into alignment, singing really became effortless. 

The process of getting into alignment, however, takes effort. 

But it's NOT the strenuous, physically-draining type of effort that you might associate with going to the gym. 

It's the effort of getting out of the way. 

You see, I realised that all the vocal struggles I had were because of unhelpful habits.

These unhelpful habits were so ingrained in my system that I didn't even realise I had them. 

Unhelpful Vocal Habits

Unhelpful Vocal Habits are physical actions you do subconsciously that actually throw your voice out of alignment. 
When you have Unhelpful Vocal Habits you can't control your voice, you strain to hit notes, you struggle to catch your breath, you fall out of rhythm, and notes just don't come out the way you want them to. 

Although I received two internationally-recognised vocal coaching certifications and started teaching full-time in 2008, I didn't fully realise just how key Vocal Alignment was until later in my career.

Vocal Alignment Is the Key

In my career, I've had the privilege of coaching incredible people, from beginners to some of the  world's most celebrated pop singers and film actors.

As a singer, I've also been invited to perform at some of the most prestigious concert venues in my city, and signed a record deal to release my debut album in 2019.

What I've found is that whether I'm coaching students or working on my own voice, the FIRST thing that has to happen before anything else, is VOCAL ALIGNMENT.

Because once the voice falls into alignment, EVERYTHING suddenly gets easier. 

Difficult notes just don't seem that hard anymore.

You don't feel breathless.

Your voice is smoother, more resonant and projected without you trying to make it louder. 

And most importantly...

Singing suddenly becomes FAR more enjoyable!

Get Your Voice Into Alignment

I truly hope this little story of mine inspires you to start discovering vocal alignment.

If you're ready to take a step further with me, I invite you to check out these resources below. 

And it would be my absolute honour to be part of your story one day! 

Start Your Journey With Us


Discover five powerful action steps (even experienced singers forget to implement) that can dramatically improve the results of your next solo performance, even if you're a beginner!


Fix that uncontrollable flip (a.k.a voice crack!) in the middle of your range, and sing with a smoother, more controlled tone in just 7 steps!

Krystal Has Been Featured In...

Featured Speaker at The Women Empowerment Event 
Stockholm, Sweden

Celebrity Students Include:

Bishop Briggs
Tang Wei 湯唯 (Lust, Caution; Blackhat)
Kelly Chen 陳慧琳
Vivian Chow 周慧敏
Kary Ng 吳雨霏
Fiona Sit 薛凱琪
Kelly Chen 陳慧琳
Edmond So 蘇志威
Jonathan Wong 王梓軒
Cavan @ Reve
Kay @ Reve
Andrew Chan 陳浚霆
Keeva Mak 麥家瑜
Sarah Lee (Olympic Medallist)
Robynn and Kendy
Corinna Chamberlain 陳明恩
Stephanie Ho 何雁詩
Kevin Li “Kevin 仔”
Ryan Hui 許懷欣
Donnie Yen 甄子丹 (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)
Cheronna @ Supergirls 吳嘉熙
Yanni @Supergirls 陳穎欣
Jessica @ Supergirls 蔡明芳
Isaac Dang 鄧養天
Lolo Lo @ Fable
Ken Hung 洪卓立

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