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For Those Who Love To Sing And Want to go from feeling unsure & Stuck, to becoming confident & powerful vocal performers.

Before I Tell You All About This Transformative Mentorship, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

You're a busy person who WISHES they had more time for music and CRAVES to become a confident and powerful singer.

You admire people who sing with such EASE and STYLE and wish you could be just as captivating when you sing in front of others.

Whether You're...

  • a total beginner with no previous singing experience who wants to learn to sing well but doesn't know where to begin.
  • someone who used to sing but got busy with life and is now looking to revive and rediscover your passion for music again.
  • ​a budding singer/songwriter who is looking for MENTORS who will train, motivate and guide you as you prepare to launch and grow your career in music.
You're in the right place and I'm going to tell you exactly how the Inner Circle Advantage will change your life over the next 12 months!

You'll get the tools, inspiration and unparalleled support on your journey to becoming the confident & powerful singer you were born to be.
During Your Mentorship, You Will...
  • Have private coaching sessions with me
  • ​Learn my Easy Vocal Technique Formula™ which will give you a clear and simple way to achieve noticeable results quickly and effectively
  • Receive regular feedback on your singing skills from top vocal coaches
  • Have exclusive access to music industry professionals who will provide guidance, support and training throughout your journey
  • ​Be part of a growing passionate community of singers all learning together and supporting one another.
  • ​​Get new trainings every month so that you'll always keep progressing with your singing.
  • ​Gain incredible insight into the amazing benefits a well-trained voice can have on your life, including greater confidence and self-appreciation.



[Only 50 Spots Available]

Inner Circle Advantage

Annual Plan

Valued at US$4558
(Renews Annually)

4-Pay Plan

Valued at US$4558
(Charged Every 3-Months)


Pay Per Lesson
Purchase 1 X 1-hour private vocal lesson with me and schedule your session immediately after purchase.

USD450 / hr


4-Lesson Package
Purchase a package of 4 X 1-hour private vocal lessons with me. 



Andrew Chan
Professional Actor, Presenter & Singer

Kelly Lee
Entrepreneur, Aspiring Vocal Artist

What You Get When You Join

4 X 30-Minute Private Vocal Coaching Sessions with Me

You'll get 100% of my attention and expertise on your vocal development. You'll learn to KNOW, LOVE & TRUST your voice, and you'll hear noticeable differences in your very first lesson with me

The Easy Vocal Technique Formula™

Learn everything you need to quickly start achieving noticeable improvements in your vocal techniqueYou'll learn the right way to practice to get results, you'll gain incredible clarity and a deeper understanding and appreciation of your voice.
  • Find out what's getting in the way of your voice
  • ​Increase your vocal range
  • Learn to ​hit high notes powerfully and safely
  • ​Improve your breath management
  • ​Smooth out your transition from low to high notes
  • ​Learn to sing freely and expressively
The answers to your vocal technique struggles are ALL here in this 5-part, self-paced course. PLUS you'll have me to personally guide you through it all, step-by-step.

Live Group Coaching Calls 

Twice a month you'll get on a Zoom call with me and your fellow Inner Circle members for a lively catch up and coaching session.

Get all your juicy vocal technique questions answered, participate or observe laser coaching sessions taught by me and get personalised guidance and support!

Focus of the Month Trainings 

Every month, we release a BRAND NEW TRAINING designed to give you fresh new ways to  explore your voice, deepen your appreciation for music and keep the momentum going.

You'll stay focused, motived and inspired. PLUS, you'll look forward to practicing week after week.

 Accountability Group

It's WAY more fun learning with a group of other likeminded singers!

As soon as you join, our team will place you into a private accountability group.
You'll get to know each other, share experiences and support one another through this exciting musical journey.

Your Accountability Group is a safe, private learning space where only you, your group members and our Mentor Coaching team will have access to.

This is where life-long friendships & meaningful connections are made! 

 Exclusive Sessions with Monthly Guest Experts

Get insider tips related to all things vocal performing at our monthly Ask the Expert Exclusive Members-Only Sessions.  

Each month, we will invite a special guest with expertise related to music and vocal performing to share their experiences and offer guidance. 

This is an amazing opportunity to learn tips of the trade from industry experts around the world!

Plus These Value-Packed Bonuses For Extra Support Throughout Your Journey

    Our handy library of bonus trainings, exercises and play-and-sing vocal routines to practice on the go.
    Each week, I or a member of my Mentor Coaching Team will check in on you to review any practice videos you've posted so that you can stay on track and motivated to keep singing and improving!

    You'll always know exactly how you're developing and what to focus on at every stage of your journey. It's like having access to a team of Top Vocal Coaches in your back pocket!

  • 40% DISCOUNT on future 1:1 vocal coaching sessions booked with me during your mentorship.

Here's A Recap of What You'll Get

The Inner Circle Advantage Experience

(A Value of US$4558 Every Year)

  • 4 X 30-min private vocal coaching sessions PLUS monthly group coaching Zoom calls
  • ​A 5-Part Formula that will give you ALL the tools you need to transform your voice and unlock its true power.
  • Personalised and actionable feedback so you'll know exactly what to work on at every stage of your development.
  • Fresh new trainings every month to help you stay on track and excited about singing week after week.
  • A treasure trove of guided practice routines that you can hit play and sing along to any time you need to re-align or warm up your voice.
  • Monthly exclusive sessions with music industry guest experts
  • ​Additional discounts and bonus experiences!
Once you enrol, you'll be given instant access to the Vocal Toolbox your library of vocal practice resources and the member's area. 

You'll also get a special link to schedule your first private session with me. During our online session, I'll tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of this experience and kickstart this incredible journey ahead!

Sound Too Good To Be True, Doesn't It?

You'd expect this type of ongoing, personalised training and support to sell for 5X the investment.

In fact, when you factor in that my REGULAR RATE for private lessons is US$450 PER HOUR, you're probably a little shocked that the Inner Circle Advantage, which gives you 4 X 30-minute private sessions with me PLUS 12-months access to the Inner Circle Membership costs as little as US$49.75 a month.

Here's the thing....

I've put my heart and soul into creating the Inner Circle Membership and finally launched it in May 2020.

I believe in this program
SO MUCH that I want to make this experience as affordable and accessible to as many students as I can while the membership is still new.

NOW is the BEST time for you to enrol and lock in your annual fee at this incredible rate before we max out on how many students we can take before we need to increase our fees.

Steal this incredible offer now before we run out of available spots!

Plus You'll Be Backed By A Risk-Free 7-Day Guarantee

The Inner Circle Advantage is a one-of-a-kind vocal mentorship experience that not only teaches you all the tools you need to transform your voice, but also provides ongoing support, feedback and new trainings every month.

Our coaches are highly experienced, trained and committed to coaching you to love your voice. 

Our international community is full of passionate individuals from all walks of life who are united in their love of singing and music. 

When you join, you will be part of this very special group with the best vocal coaches as your Mentors. 

You'll begin a journey that will be voice-changing AND life-changing.

Here's our guarantee to you.

When you enrol, you'll get instant access to our Inner Circle Members area and The Vocal Toolbox - your library of vocal practices that you can get started on right away. PLUS you'll get to schedule your first private session with me. 

If you don't love what you see, simply let us know within 7 days of enrolling and we'll give you a full refund!

frequently asked questions.

When can I schedule my first private lesson?
As soon as you purchase, you'll get access to my private booking link to schedule your lesson with me! Simply choose your preferred time slot and wait for our confirmation. It's that simple.

If you choose our 4-pay plan, you will be scheduling
one lesson for every 3-months of your plan. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get feedback and guidance from me throughout your membership.
Where will the private lessons take place?
All private lessons booked here will take place privately and securely over Zoom. You'll even get a recording of the entire lesson to keep.
Can I get a refund?
Check Out our risk-free 7-day refund policy!
Once you enrol, you'll be given instant access to the Vocal Toolbox and Members Area. You'll also get to book your first 30-minute session with Coach Krystal. If after 7 days from the time of enrolment, you don't love what you see, then we will give you a full refund.
Can I reschedule my lessons?
24-Hour Reschedule Policy.
You can reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of the lesson. 
What if I want to cancel?
Simply let us know you want to Cancel before your next billing cycle.
Your enrolment fee includes a 12-month subscription as an Inner Circle Member. If after your 12-months, you do not wish to continue your subscription, simply let us know before the end of your 12-month billing cycle and our team will take care of it for you!
My time is limited. How much time do I need to spend on training to see results?
This is a self-paced experience that fits into your preferred learning style & Schedule
One of the benefits that we are most proud of about this experience is that you WILL see progress whether you're working on your vocals once a day, once a week, or  even just once a month. With me as your guide, I will work WITH you to create a timeline of success that works perfectly for you and your lifestyle. 
Is there a recommended age for enrolment?
We recommend 18+ (Unless enrolled by a guardian) 
The Inner Circle Advantage is a year long mentorship experience that combines private coaching and a self-paced, interactive group learning experience.

Part of your training will involve recording practice videos to be shared with me, my Mentor Coaches and other members of your accountability group.

Participants should therefore be at least 18-years old to enrol, or have expressed permission from a parent/guardian. 
Will my annual subscription fee increase during my second year?
Nope! Your fee is LOcked in.
When you join now, you'll be locking in this incredible rate FOREVER, as long as you continue to stay on as an active member. 
I'm a total beginner...Is this right for me?
Don't worry, We've got your back, my friend!
Whether you're a beginner or you've been singing for a while, you will get incredible value out of this experience.

The only one requirement we have is for you to bring your PASSION FOR SINGING!

[Only 50 Spots Available]

Inner Circle Advantage

Annual Plan

Valued at US$4558
(Renews Annually)

4-Pay Plan

Valued at US$4558
(Charged Every 3-Months)


Pay Per Lesson
Purchase 1 X 1-hour private vocal lesson with me and schedule your session immediately after purchase.

USD450 / hr


4-Lesson Package
Purchase a package of 4 X 1-hour private vocal lessons with me. 


Still "thinking about it"?

You should give the Inner Circle Advantage a 7-day risk-free shot if you're motivated by ANY of the following:

You want to do something special that's just for yourself.

Whether you're an aspiring singer-songwriter, a stay-at-home parent, a corporate employee or an entrepreneur, you've had to make sacrifices and put other people's needs before your own. 

You're at a stage now where you crave the feeling you get when you sing your favourite songs. Most importantly, you want to experience the power of music in a more meaningful way.

That's why you're motivated to give yourself the gift of this experience and to finally get the training you've always wanted.

You want to feel PROUD of the way your voice sounds and not be afraid to sing in front of anyone.

By now, you totally know that it is 100% possible for you to become an amazing singer. 

The thought of singing in front of others still makes you nervous, but you're also excited about finally having the confidence you've always wanted in your voice.

You appreciate that learning to sing is a journey that's SO worth taking. 

Above all, you're ready, willing and excited to see how far you can go with your vocal skills. You're not afraid of putting in the effort but you need guidance to know what tools to use and how to use them.

And because the Inner Circle Advantage is created by a team of top vocal coaches who practice what they preach and have helped thousands of students achieve results, you can have total confidence that every minute you spend learning and practicing your voice with us will pay off dramatically over the coming months and years. 

You recognise that there isn't a vocal coaching membership like this anywhere else and that this is your chance to forever LOCK IN YOUR FEE at this incredible rate!

You'd expect this type of ongoing, personalised training program to sell for 5X the investment.

In fact, when you factor in that private lessons with a top vocal coach will cost anywhere from US$100-$500 AN HOUR, you're a little shocked that the Inner Circle Advantage (which offers the same promise of results as private lessons) costs as little as US$49.75 a month. 

Along with all the bonuses, you're totally unwilling to let this opportunity slip -- and even MORE unwilling to delay getting started on this life-transforming journey.

If any of these motivating factors had you nodding your head then the Inner Circle Advantage is absolutely right for you!

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, we ALL need a coach to remind us what we are truly capable of AND give us the tools to get there. 

I personally cannot wait to guide, inspire and support you as your vocal coach!

I'm a singer, recording artist and vocal coach who completely understands what it feels like to struggle vocally and artistically, to feel like you aren't naturally gifted and that your voice isn't good enough to be heard.

I've been singing on stage and in recording studios since I was 8 years old and I've been vocal coaching professionally since 2008.
In spite of all the decades that I spent performing and vocal training, I STILL couldn't figure out why I wasn't happy with my singing.
More than anything else, I want to share with you the formula, tools and strategies that forever changed my voice AND my life.

If you're a beginner, an aspiring singer, or someone who used to sing and wants to get back into it again...

...or if you've been singing for a while already and can't figure out why you still aren't happy with the way you sound...

...then I invite you to work with me and see what your life as an Inner Circle member looks like. 

I'll show you what your voice is really capable of and give you the tools, coaching and support you need to take real steps towards achieving your wildest singing dreams!
I look forward to meeting you personally, hearing your voice and guiding you through the Inner Circle Membership.

Musically yours,


[Only 50 Spots Available]

Inner Circle Advantage

Annual Plan

Valued at US$4558
(Renews Annually)

4-Pay Plan

Valued at US$4558
(Charged Every 3-Months)


Pay Per Lesson
Purchase 1 X 1-hour private vocal lesson with me and schedule your session immediately after purchase.

USD450 / hr


4-Lesson Package
Purchase a package of 4 X 1-hour private vocal lessons with me. 

Hint at the fact that you discovered the secret...
...the solution, the result of all this pain and suffering, and now...
you are on a mission to help others just like you!

Here's what My students have to say...

Amazing! Thank you so much...your feedback makes a big difference. When I sing now I use the tools you've given me without thinking and I can see and feel the improvement. I've definitely gained confidence, which I started to lack way before I started. Thank you again so much!
Stacey Mumford, UK
Stacey Mumford, UK
"I surprised myself by how much I improved in just 10 days. I could tell the difference by looking at my video. Krystal's feedback was so good... I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn!"
Solera Abramov, thailand
Solera Abramov, thailand
"This is amazing! I can feel my singing is more easy to control, I can sing longer with a more stable voice! Thank you so much! I LOVE your teaching!"
Chloe wong, hk
Chloe wong, hk
"After listening to Part 3 & 4 of the Easy Vocal Technique Formula Training, plus the advices from our amazing just makes sense! Though I still need some polishing I'm just thankful to our coaches!" 
Raniel, Australia
Raniel, Australia
"I love the convenience of this program. Like most skills in the world, singing improves by practice, lots of practice. Now I can accelerate my skills much faster by practicing at home anytime I’d like, over and over again."
scarlett chen, hk
scarlett chen, hk
"From only singing casually in Karaoke with friends, I now have the confidence to perform regularly in a band thanks to Krystal's unique training program. I am even in the process of professionally recording my own album."
christine ng, hk
christine ng, hk
"There is no limit to what you can do with your voice. It takes persistence but most importantly, it takes a good coach to guide you through the process. Krystal's training program aims to have me singing naturally without trying to over control or use tricks."
alick koo, hk
alick koo, hk

Show off just  how much  easier, lighter, happier, better things will be when this solution is placed into their lives.